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Nowadays, some schools, and other learning institutes all over the world would most likely give much importance to IQ rather than EQ and SQ and many teachers and parents have already thought the importance of IQ as being the determining factor of educational outcomes. Up to now, the world focuses more on IQ. It is a mind-set situation since early 20th century, when physiologists create tests that can measure intelligence. As most belief, the higher the figure, the more intelligence ones is.

Someone is said to be intelligent if he or she is capable of solving complicated problems and remember facts and figures without difficulty. This type of intelligent is referred to as IQ or ‘Intelligence Quotient’, a phrase coined by an American psychologist known as Lewis Terman.

IQ is the ability of someone to reason, plan, solve problems and think theoretically and mentally good at doing certain works. Intelligence also involves thought and this explains how some can gives out good ideas in a matter of a short time. In addition, IQ is also refers to being rational, reasonable and goal-oriented thinking. It is a fact that all of us use some IQ or else we wouldn’t be functional.

As mentioned before, human beings can measure their IQ and those with high IQ would find the academics type of learning and curriculum activities in school as well as in universities somewhat easy. However, not all people can cope it well and find it simple. Nonetheless, these people should never lose hope for the fact that IQ is not the only determinants that lead to success. For instance, most people with relatively high IQ do not go to be as successful as their IQ score may lead us to believe.

Other type of intelligence that may be a factor to success in life is EQ, ‘Emotional Intelligence Quotient’. EQ is related to recognizing, understanding and choosing how we think, feel and react or respond to events and conditions in our lives. This type of intelligence involves our interactions with others and understanding of our own selves. EQ also provides inspiration, consideration and an ability to act in response to delight and pain. These learnable skills not only create positive effects in our relationships with others and ourselves but also create joy, love and success of different kind of things. EQ plays an important role as the best predictor of who can achieve success in whichever part of life.

From what we can see, having a high IQ does not guarantee you to lead a successful life as EQ plays a more significant role to succeed as compared to IQ. We should be glad that we all have EQ and that it can be improved for better used. EQ may help us in dealing with our emotions and emotions of others properly; interact with others well and to focus in increasing our efforts for a better life.

This leaves us with SQ. What is SQ? And how does it related to us? SQ, spiritual intelligence quotient is in relation to the growth of human being. It is concerning moving on in life despite of all the resentment they carry. SQ describes the ability of one to see purposes, values and meanings in his or her surroundings for a better and effective life. Moreover, SQ includes the skill to think out of the box and it is a type of intelligence required for a want to be leader. It was the intelligence that guides most of the successful men and women as leaders. Accordingly, spiritually intelligent assists in leadership.

Someone tends to become very miserable and disappointed with life if spirituality is not present. Hence, you can say that happiness can be a key to success in life. Human beings are born with the ability to use these three types intelligence for the reason that each of the intelligence required for survival.

IQ helps in solving logical problems, EQ allows us to judge the current situation and react to it as it should be, whereas SQ lets us think whether it is suitable for us to join in certain situation at first or not and the consequences we will face if we join.

No doubt that each and every one of us want to succeed in life, However to do so, we should not only rely on our IQ but also to focus on our EQ and SQ and a balance between these three types of intelligence may guide us to a happy, satisfaction and successful life- Intelligence of the mind, the heart and the spirit.



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I have not read other articles posted in here...but this article is plagiarized cuz I definite do not believe that the explanation about the intelligences is coming out from this writer's mind...and I do believe that she referred to the meanings of Intelligences from the western perspective (even though she did not state her reference) which are different from the Islamic perspective...I wish we, Muslims, start understanding everything from the Islamic perspective and shed secularism from our mind and action ...