Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Speech Text

By: Shahir Nazri

Below are the text that I delivered during the Graduation Ceremony for Malaysian Medical Students at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University on 20th February 2016:



Welcome ____(VVIP list)___, ladies and gentlemen, honourable guests. Assalamualaikum and good afternoon.

I will keep my speech as brief as possible, not because of the time limit, but because I have nothing much to say.

To my fellow colleague,

We’ve been through a lot in the past 6 years.

Do you still remember the time when we used to be strangers among each other, and now we are like a family?

Do you still remember all of the sleepless nights before exams, when we promise ourselves never to study at the last minutes again, only to repeat it again the next year?

Do you still remember the time when our results were announced, with all the mixed emotions from those who passed and those who didn’t?

Do you still remember the time when one of our colleague passed away, and we got speechless?

Do you still remember the time when Egypt was in turmoil twice, and we were uncertain of our future?

Do you still remember the time when we got tear-gassed in the lecture room?

Do you remember the time when we discussed about who among us will get married first, then when some of us did marry, we discussed about who’ll get a baby first, and till this day, we’re still waiting for the answer.

Do you still remember the time when we got bad news from our families in Malaysia, but we were unable to do anything.

And now here we are, sitting on those seats, smiling and full of joy, despite all we’ve been through. These memories and many more, are moments in our lives that shaped us into who we are today. Hopefully, one day, when we look back into these moments, we’ll decide that they are worth the effort.

To my fellow juniors, your life will get harder and harder from this point onward. But I believe, one day you’ll be in our place today. My only advice to you is to never postpone your study till the last minutes.

To our beloved parents (especially mine Mr Mohamad Nazri and Mrs Abidah), thank you for leading us through this journey, and thank you for supporting us wholeheartedly.

To our dedicated doctors, thank you for your knowledge and wisdom.

To my colleague, especially my housemates, thank you for your help and support.

And most importantly, thank God and alhamdulillah for blessing us with the opportunity to be here.

Lastly, congratulations to my fellow colleague from the class of 2015. Enjoy your unemployment and may God help us in the future.

Thank you.

Ahmad Shahir bin Mohamad Nazri
Student Representative
Class of 2009-2015


- This speech was written at the night before the graduation ceremony. (a speech that advises others against procrastination is actually written at the last minute too)
- May Allah bless the late Fatin Fasihah, who succumb to SLE.
- I don't know the latest verdict about the status of kak Kaiyisah's or Nazira's baby. Are they considered as #babygen09 ?

Do things with passion or not at all.


Ammar Hamzah said...

of course they are #babygen09 !

NaZiRa HaN!m said...

Im proud to say that my son is #babygen09.💪🏻👶🏻 congrats to all gen09.pray for us that still struggle to complete our medical degree in malaysia.

ASMN said...

all hail #babygen09, the firstborn and the next in line