Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You Fail? So What?

okay a straight-forward question.

Have you ever experience a failure?
i'm talking about failure failure.
not just any failure, but a failure failure. ifuknwhtimean.

A failure that could make you stress a while,
A kind of failure that makes your appetite level goes beyond zero,
A failure that haunt you forever in your sleep.
THAT kind of failure.

it isn't offensive enough for me to say that most of you NEVER experienced those kind of failure
As most of you guys comes from excellent background. flying-color students should I need to say it.
But who knows, maybe before they achieved that kind of excellence level they've undergone some serious training-or maybe they just born-geniuses.

ok. So my point (finally) everyone must have experienced it. if not sooner, maybe later.
What makes us different is taqwa.
ok thats true.
but in this topic, what makes us different is how we cope with the pressure and how we bounce back from our failure.
Take that failure and throw it behind.
Times goes on. So does life.
Take it as a lesson.
Learn from it.
If you fully learnt your lesson, you'll never repeat it.

Be in mind,
Success never comes without a failure.
Unless if you're a genius.
So if you fail, Then does that means it's the end of the world?
If you dont try to bounce back, yeah, maybe it's the end for you.
But if you do bounce back,
Who knows what you'll accomplish?

rakan-rakan underground sekalian,
Ingatlah kata-kata abang senior kita;
"Tahun ini tahun kita!"
moga menjadi motivasi di awal musim kuliah ini.
Sekian, Wassalam.
typed from my only i-device.:D
Ammar Hamzah GEN09 MEMBER

Do things with passion or not at all.

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