Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snakes, Worms, and Medicine.

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all,

Hey, it's me again, xD
When were the last time I wrote a post here?
even I don't remember.
Still, I manage to steal some time to write about an issue.

Ok let's get on to the topic here shall we?

A bolt of curiosity struck me as the first time I saw the-so-called-and-said-to-be the representative of medical symbol.
Ever saw one?
The one with two snake and a winged-stick.

I believe everyone have seen it.

The first thing that came to my mind was
"why snake?"
maybe it's because people in the older days always gets bitten by snakes and their own venom was used to treat the poison?
Then someone angrily told me.
"It's not a snake you idiot, it's a worm"
"A what? thats doesn't make any s.....ahhh I see, I remember something called Druncunculus Medinensis."
But still,
The answer won't satisfy me.

Based on a couple of research,
I've found that,
That symbol, with two snakes and a winged-stick is actually NOT the symbol of medicine.
I repeat, not.
It was mistakenly addressed as the symbol, don't know how, don't care why, but it was not the symbol of medicine.

Funny though,
to see the symbol-which they call Caduceus-which was mistakenly taken as the medical symbol- used world-widely as the medical symbol in much organization concerning healthcare.

If we trace the root of The Caduceus(which is form of a winged stick with two snake in copula, xD) came from the Greek's mythology.(it's a myths?)
And I won't talk about it.
Search about it,
and you will find the answer.

So that's the false one,
the mistaken one.
the fake.
or any other synonyms.

Now let us see the WHO logo.

Oh wow.
why there's only one snake you ask?
Because the double-snaked-winged-stick wasn't the exact symbol of medicine.

This symbol consist of a stick with a snake (or is it a worm?)
it is the medical symbol that should be used worldwide.
But again, funny tho to see Caduceus takes the upperhand.

about the later symbol,
it is called Rod of Asclepius.(again search it)
It's consist of a stick with a worm actually, (yay for someone who scold me saying it was Druncunculus Medinensis because you're right! but the symbol you referring to wasn't right!)
Now if we trace the source, it's also came from the Greek mythology.
It was said that the sign was originated from a disease called Druncunculiasis.
And yes the symbol comes from the ancient technique as we all know on the treatment of the disease,
The technique of pulling the worm out of the skin by rolling the end of the worm on a stick and gradually pulling ( as we all know).

And I won't tell much about the story about Zeus, Apollo...bla bla.
search it yourself.
it's funny though to read about the Greek's

In a nutshell,
The correct symbol is the Rod of Asclepius but, the Caduceus is used more in the healthcare service.
Just so you know that.

Again, I don't even bother about this symbol even if the symbol was Enterobius Vermicularis or a "winged-shield with letters and words" whatsoever.
Couldn't care less.

But, try to know the truth.
our world is full of lies.
Don't let a certain somethings keeps you in the dark.
Yes, ignorant is a bliss, but to what extent?
(ok dah mula merepek, ignore that last paragraph)

This post is just about sharing some knowledge.
And to kill some of my and your time.

Now, excuse me for using this photo as an example.xD
As stated, I couldn't care less about symbols though.
Ammar Hamzah GEN09 MEMBER

Do things with passion or not at all.


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