Friday, September 14, 2012

Cherish Them.

Salam, Peace be upon you, and good morning to my fellow medsmate and readers.

What a lovely morning we're having,

morning, here in Kuala-Lumpur.

The sound of birds chirping,
That bright blue sky,
The little dews on the leaves,
Plus that moist environment you're having early this morning.
Ahhh this surely feels like home.

It's almost been 2 months now we're here in Malaysia.
And I know that for the last 2 months,
It's been filled with lots of joy, laughter, a piece of unforgettable memories and maybe (I wish not) bad ones.

Well, at least we came back to see our beloved parents,
Our support pillar, to this horror journey as a medical students.
What I wanted to say is,
It doesn't matter if you go around hang-out with your friends,
Coming home late in the night to see your friends,
Or went out in the middle of the night to mamak's to watch football.

But you must always, always give 100% attention to your parents.
Especially your mother.

"Keredaan Allah kepada seseorang bergantung kepada keredaan ibu bapanya. Dan kemurkaan Allah adalah bergantung kepada kemurkaan ibu bapanya."(Hadis al-Tirmizi).

"Ibu mana yang tak sayangkan anak"-said one of our friend's mother before going out from his house during my journey to Malaysian's East Coast (Terengganu+Kelantan).

I don't even know where this post will go.
Didn't plan to make this kind of post.

Anyhow, Love your Parents. Not to say to them only. 
But give all you can for them.
You know they've given all they can for you.
For you to be like you are now.

We all know by now, many of you starting to feel bored sitting at home watching television.(hmm not me)
Eat-watch tv-eat-sleep-eat-watch tv-sleep-eat-eat-sleep.
And some of us has starting to pack up their stuff to go back to Egypt.
Twitter update like "Egypt is calling",and "sudah2 lah tu bercuti mari pulang" are common on my TL at this time.

So now we have quite a few moments here in Malaysia,
Why not use them for families, for our parents.
Cherish them.
Family comes first.

Selamat pulang ke Mesir!
p/s- sebenarnya nak buat post pasal benda lain tapi jadi benda lain. o.O
Ammar Hamzah GEN09 MEMBER

Do things with passion or not at all.

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