Tuesday, October 11, 2011

barely keep up and going to give up

he who had nothing but tounge
can do nothing but sang
felt nothing but drunk

he who walks alone in the alley
hoping to get killed by anybody
for who he love is gone eternally

he who sit silently in the corner
desperately smiling to get saner
trying hard to run or drown
away from bitter truth he confront
anywhere but here that will lead to the light
the one you saw when life is no longer in sight

he who eats but barely
for he feels miserable and lonely
throwing health and wealth sillily
even his soul is contained barely

what else are you waiting for ?
please stop looking towards the floor
turn your heads up and search for the door
or you will crash and feel the sore
worry not as there are always an opened door
for you and others to look for

you must have heard this saying before in any channel
that there is always light at the end of the tunnel

p/s: grammar aku dah berhabuk jadi banyak salah
tak payah susahkan otak kau nak faham
bukan penting pun

copy dari blog aku kalau tak puas hati cakap nanti aku delete
ada orang suruh jangan biar blog ini berhabuk
beruanglegend GEN09 MEMBER

Do things with passion or not at all.


Grammar Specialist said...

wahhh, abul tahniah!!! bahasa yg yg boleh kata tinggi lah, bg 3.9/5..kalau bab grammar just nk sentuh, kalau nak guna past tense semua, gunalah past tense semua, kalau nak gune present tense, gunalah present tense semua...dan pasal perkataan "you must heard..." tu boleh betulkan "you must have heard"...tq ;)

Abul Akmal Arif Bin Anuar said...

stanza pertama itu memang past tense sebab mamat itu dah tak boleh diselamatkan lagi dah haha

yang have itu aku dah tambah
terima kasih :)

AmmarHamzah said...

fuiyoo ada grammar specialist lak.
cuak gile

Abul Akmal Arif Bin Anuar said...

tak payah nak menganjing sangat ammar haha

M said...

'Grammar Specialist'? Interesting... May I use your service in the future? Haha.

Abul Akmal Arif Bin Anuar said...

kalau aku tahu kewujudan dia awal-awal
aku hantar proofread sajak-sajak aku kan senang aahah

AmmarHamzah said...

encik grammar specialist,
ada permintaan.
if ure reading this,
n ur one of the author or even just a member.
can u post something here?
any article or something?

looking forward for ur writing.=)

Maya Dealove said...

well agreed. PLEASE!