Saturday, April 12, 2014

Softly, Tenderly

I came up with an idea after a dinner. I will give you a series of pictures with a bit of description and my interpretation under each one of them. But my dinner had nothing to do with it.
The parasailer is looking forward to his moment to rise above with the wind, with not a slightest idea that a potential man-eater can bump his boat and gulp him in one sweep.

You may or may not know what is coming and whose territory you are passing through. While you are at it, you can awe at the wonders that the scenery offers you. But when the time comes, you can not escape from the confrontation that life has been keeping from you.

The keeper holds a cake of fish for the birthday walrus!

This needs no say. Just smile at this picture.

by: Oscar Wilde
 Tread lightly, she is near
          Under the snow,
          Speak gently, she can hear
          The daisies grow.
This is the first stanza of the poem. 
Requeiscat is Latin from requeiscat en pace that means rest in peace.

Oscar Wilde preached a pay of respect for the dead. Even to the dead, we are supposed to not cause pertuberation. Speak only wellwishes. Think beautythoughts. Say hello to newbloomers. Bid goodbye when you have to.

Chipmunk! This is a snow squirrel.

Those big eyes hold beauty, of beautiful vision. The curvy smile looks very happy. The fluffy fur is warm and comfortable. The tiny fingers are dependable to bring food home. A lion-adorer (in this case, the author) too can appreciate this cute creature. As an extra note, with an appropriate magnification, one single grain of sand looks magnificent. Ultra magnifique!

A heap of everybody’s favorite, KitKat in a bowl.

This picture is raw. Unfiltered but clean. Depicts a man’s (may be a girl’s) hunger. You can never have enough of what you like. Plus, what has been made easy for you to enjoy. I have seen a picture of 60 large orders of fries bunched together by a group of high-schoolers. But those kids got kicked out of the premise. Thus I’m not sharing the picture here because it has a sad ending.

I do not write an article with an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Because we just like to 

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