Friday, May 4, 2012


Begins with a question.
A question.What do you like the most?Expected answers.Reading. Cheesecakes.Pearls.Stars.Whatever. Well, I have a better answer. What I like most is this one saying from Dr Phil. “Say what you think. Do what you want.”And most importantly, I will never cease to love following it and spreading it.
            I will tackle the second half of the saying first.By which, the first half will be done touch-and-go. Sure thing you can do whatever the hives you want. Not doing anything, in one sense, is doing not-doing thing. Can you understand this? Not doing is covertly a verb. Not talking is a description of shutting your mouth. Not eating is to starve. Not going anywhere is you staying at your original position. Not studying is…”She’s absurd. Who doesn’t study?”

A piece of my mind, which I’m more than pleased to share, the not-doing-things require a serious weight of bravery (courage would sound better, though awkward), seriously.The after-effects, the neglects, the regrets, are at your own risks. Given we are talking about studies. Indeed, our heedfulness is not at an all-time high. Honestly, who can study in this hot season?Today I don’t feel like doing anything (???) With tunes and tones, we get The Lazy Song! But, remember this.O, dear, down-lows and high-tides are natures. We are,living with, together with, nature, experiencing the breeze, waves and thunder! (metaphors)Remember this too. After rain, there is rainbow. After storm, there is calm.After exam, there is holiday!

For friends, whose drive or launch, and not to mention, chills, come a little later, together we INSPIRE. INtelligent.SPIritually-sound.REcharged.(Thanks to this task, it brings me back to the outstanding motivator cum guru, DMFK)For your information, this post serves as a wake-up call for me, you, and us. However, I suppose, we have already had enough. If, unfortunately, by any chance, we haven’t, I would suggest ‘consulting’ our guru-since-birth more often.
To the first half of the wisdom, which is, say what you think. Certainly! We do democracy, no tyranny. Who detains you, with all people, in a singular cell of view? We do freedom of speech. Who stops you? However, with all due respect, we also abide by restrictions, limitations and gaps. Those of which, offer some degree of protection to a group of people, and respect to another. Introversion and extroversion, to an extreme, bring adversary. Hence, things are at best in moderation.
The alphabets, colours, questions and answers, fonts and italics, are writer’s creativity. You have my deepest, truest apology for any cane-whips blown or punches landed.And my cheeriest of best wishes to you.For our success.

Fathin A.
ejahchan GEN09 MEMBER

Do things with passion or not at all.


Anonymous said...

more "post-in-english" please!


Ammar Hamzah said...

Nicely done!

Not studying is what?

Maya Dealove said...

reminds me of V for Vendetta. randomly.