Wednesday, May 4, 2011

exam Histology


A- Details for Histology written exam by Prof Dr.Eman Sadek as follows:

Date : 20th June 2011

Marks (75):
1-MCQ- (20 M)
2-Coloured Drawing-(5M)
3-Label diagram- (5M)
4-10 Short question - (45M)

40 questions [from 2nd term topics ONLY (F.G.S, eye, ear, CNS)]
40% would be taken from the MCQ book, 60% from others.

as listed down at the prac class notice board.

3-Label Diagram
A prepared diagram from atlas. (we just need to put on the answer for pointed labels)

4-Short questions
9 short questions+1 short question with a diagram.
The topics for this part would be distributed by the subject master (aina+ nur ammar) very soon.

B- Details for Histology Oral Exam

  • 15 marks
  • we are required to pick 3 cards with different colours and topics.
  • each card for 5 marks.
  • the topics covered would be from the very beginning (respiratory system).

Good luck to all gen 09 members! :D

~gen09 academic bureau~

p/s : pesanan Dr.soheir Ahmad Fawzy utk ikhwah gen9 :

kelas CNS hari sabtu (7 mei), 10 am-12pm.

nisazaidan GEN09 MEMBER

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