Monday, December 20, 2010

Short Quiz : ( physiology )

Physiology Quizze week 3 / disember

Special sense : 

1.Aqueous humour is secreted by

a)ciliary process
b)suspensory ligament
d)canal of Schlemm

2.The function of intraocular pressure is

a)maintain lens flattened during rest (power of lens)
b)maintain optical uniform corneal surface
c)supply nutrients and oxygen to the cornea and lens

3.Glaucoma is caused by

a)increase resistance to fluid outflow through the canal of Schlemm
b)forward movement of iris
c)changes in optic nerve, thus it change the intraocular pressure
d)all of the above
e)none of the above

4)Cataract is

a)disease which the IOP(intraocular pressure) increase above normal
b)partial or complete opacity of the lens
c)decrease the power of accommodation with aging
d)paralyses of accommodation

5.Mechanisms of near response are as following except

c)blinking of both eyes
d)convergence of both eyes

6.What is the differences between nervous pathway of near reflex and corneal reflex?

7.What are the causes of corneal and lens transparency?

8.How do the aqueous humour is produced?

9.Can you differentiate between near point and far point?

10.What are the types of error of refraction do you know?

** SELAMAT MENJAWAB la yer..jgn tgk  jer..alang2 da bukak kan ? jawap jela..untuk kebaikan bersama..

Answer:  1- A,  2 - A,  3 -A,  4-B,  5-C
** yang subjektif tuh pandai2 la yer mencari inisiatif sendiri.... :)

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