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Anatomy (4th week Dec 2010 Quiz)

Final Anatomy exam May 2010

1.      Nerves at the pontocerebellar angle are _________________ and ____________

2.       Regarding the medulla oblongata all are correct except:

a)      The olive is caused by superior olivary nucleus
b)      The vagus nerve is attached to posterolateral fissure
c)        The phyoglossal nerve is attached to anterolateral fissure
d)      The upper part of the medulla does not contain a central canal
e)      The pyramidal decussation obliterates the lower part of anterior median fissure

3.       Regarding the cerebellum ,all of following are correct except:

a)      The neocerebellum is connected to cerebral cortex
b)      The primary fissure is present on its upper surface
c)       It consist of 2 lobes
d)      The inferior vermis has nodule,uvula and pyramid
e)      It is connected to the medulla through middle cerebellar peduncle
4.       Regarding the midbrain,all correct except:

a)      cerebral aqueduct of the midbrain connects 3rd and 4th ventricles
b)      it occupies the tentorial notch of tentorium cerebelli
c)        oculomotor nerve arises medial to cerebral peduncle
d)      Trochlear nerve attach to tectum above inferior colliculus
e)      The tectum consist of 4 colliculi 


Answer:      1.  facial and vestibulocochlear        2. A       3.e       4.d

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